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Lost buildings, churches and cemeteries of Saint-Petersburg


This post is about buildings, churches, and cemeteries of Saint-Petersburg that no longer exist. In interactive photos below you will see what is located in places where they used to be.


1. Panaev theatre

Admiralty Embankment, 4

Theatre was built in 1887 and was burned down in 1917.

2. Pestel st., 10

The house was built in 1900 and was destroyed by the bomb in 1943.

3. Liteyny prospekt, 15

The house was destroyed in 1977.

4. Fire Department

Ligovsky prospekt, 151

The department was built in 1905 and demolished in 1971.

5. Kronverksky prospekt, 11

A cinema, a circus, and a skating-rink were in this building. It was burned down in 1919.


1. Izmailovsky tram bridge

The bridge was built in 1908 for a tramway and dismantled in 1958.

2. Saint Isaac’s Bridge

This bridge was constructed in 1727 and was the first bridge to connect Vasilievsky island with a center of the city. After Blagoveschenskiy bridge had been built, Saint Isaac’s bridge was moved to Winter Palace. After that, it was reconstructed and renamed to Palace bridge.


1. Saint Trinity church

Marata st., 5

It was built in 1890-1893. In 1939 the church was closed and reconstructed to a gym and then a storehouse. It was blown up in 1966.

2. Church in the name of Presentation of Mary

Zagorodny prospekt, 45

It was built upon the project of Konstantin Thon in 1837-1842 and demolished in 1934.

3. Church in the name of Iveron icon

Moskovsky prospekt, 25

The church was built in 1888, closed in 1930 and reconstructed after that.

4. Church in the name of Resurrection of Jesus

Kulibin pl., 1

It was built in 1859, closed and demolished in 1932.

5. Church of Saints Boris and Gleb

Sinopskaya embankment, 36

It was closed in 1934 and was used as a storehouse, in 1975 it was demolished.

6. Church of Saint Mary

Maly prospekt P.S., 69

The church was built in 1920, closed in 1923 and reconstructed in a house.

7. Church in the name of Saint Mironiy

Obvodny kanal, 99

The church was built upon the project of Konstantin Thon in 1855. It was closed in 1930 and was used as a storehouse until it was blown up in 1934.

8. Church in the name of Saint Nicholas

Bakunina prospekt, 2

It was open in 1915 and blown up in 1932.

9. Church in the name of Saint Mary

prospekt Obukhovskoy Oborony, 22

It was built in 1898 and demolished in 1932.

10. Church in the name of Saint Kosma and Damian

Kirochnaya st., 28

It was open in 1879 and demolished in the 1950s.

11. Church in the name of Saint Alexius

Chkalovsky prospekt, 50

It was built in 1906 and reconstructed to a factory in the 1930s .

12. Church in the name of Annunciation

Truda pl, 5

The church was built upon the project of K. Thon in 1849 and demolished in 1929.

13. Church in the name of Mitrophan of Voronezh

Mitrofanyevskoye shosse, 12

It was built upon the project of K. Thon in 1847, closed and demolished in 1929.

14. Church in the name of Mary Magdalene

Maloohtinsky prospekt, 68

This church was built in the place of the wooden Lutheran sweden church. It was closed in 1938 and demolished in the 1980s.


1. Malookhtinskoye cemetery

The cemetery has existed since XVIII century. It was closed in the 1920s, but in the 1940s there were burials too. Nowadays the cemetery is destroyed and a lot of buildings are now in this place.

View map

Former cemetery nowadays.

2. Mitrofanyevskoye cemetery

It was founded in 1831 and soon became one of largest cemeteries of the city. In the 1950s the cemetery was completely destroyed – except for the Old Believers cemetery. Nowadays most of the territory of the former Mitrofanyevskoye cemetery is industrial zone and dump. Several churches were also demolished.

View map

The Old Believers cemetery.

3. Tentelevskoe cemetery

It was a Lutheran cemetery that was destroyed in the 1930s. Nowadays it is also an industrial zone.

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Former cemetery nowadays.

4. Roman Catholic Vyborgskoe cemetery

It was founded in 1856, and in the 1910s the cemetery was closed. In the 1930-1940s it was demolished and now it is an industrial zone. But the church was preserved.

View map

The former cemetery nowadays.

5. Farforovskoe cemetery

It was one of the oldest cemeteries of Saint-Petersburg. It has been on a decline since the 1920s and completely destroyed in 1960s.

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6. Uspenskoe cemetery

It was also an old cemetery with several mass graves of the war. In 1960s there were built houses in this place.

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The old photos are from the site https://pastvu.com/. Maps are from the site retromap.ru.

And below there is a map with all the mentioned places.

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