One day in Strasbourg

upd 22 January 2024

Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in France and it definitely deserves every traveler’s attention. Both the main cathedral and architecture, in general, were influenced both by France and Germany as Strasbourg is situated on the former disputed territory. But even if you are not interested in architecture or history this city will charm you with its beauty and coziness.

The morning in Strasbourg begins with a heavy fog.

Slowly the fog disappears and the Old town is bathed with sunshine.

On a sunny day, you should go to the top of the main cathedral. Not only you will see one of the most impressive cathedrals in Europe but will also enjoy a magnificent view. There is a post about the Strasbourg cathedral (rus).

The center of the city is well preserved including half-timbered houses of XV century.

Almost all of the sightseeing is on the island surrounded by Ill river.

Streets of the city.

The whole historical center of Strasbourg has been included in the Cultural Heritage list.

Christmas decorations can be a reason to visit Strasbourg in the Christmas period. Almost all of the streets of the Old town are decorated. You can see a lot of original ideas, cute toys, and beautiful designs.

You don’t always expect a lot from small cities like Strasbourg. But this city can actually surprise not only with the famous cathedral but also with a well-preserved architecture. Narrow streets with old houses and romantic quays bring the mystical atmosphere of XV, XVI centuries. Of course, not everything in the city was mentioned here but it gives the reason to come back.