Modern architecture in Geneva

upd 23 January 2024

There are a lot of interesting buildings in Geneva that have appeared in recent years. Their main characteristics are functionalism and usage of natural materials as well as new technologies. You will see some of the examples below.

1. École allemande (2005)

Chemin de Champ-Claude, 6

Each part of the buildings has its own function.

2. Cycle d’orientation de Drize

Route de Drize, 8

Also a functional building with a graphic pattern.

3. Cycle d’orientation de Cayla (2008)

Chemin William-Lescaze, 8

4. Chemin Frank-Thomas

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5. Maison des étudiants (2009)

Avenue de France, 20

The building was needed to be fit in the area along the railway lines. So the horizontal lines of the building look like railway lines and it blends seamlessly.

6. Foyer de Sécheron (2005)

Avenue Blanc, 7

This block is green not only because of its color but also because of its materials and technologies.

7. La Coupe-Gordon-Bennett (2008)

Rue de la Coupe Gordon-Bennett, Vernier

Also a green block.

8. Chemin de Mon-Soleil, 9

9. Immeuble Jolimont (2015)

Avenue de Joli-Mont

10. Pont Hans-Wilsdorf (2012)

The bridge has a complex structure that was inspired by a bird’s nest.

11. Campus Biotech (2002)

Chemin des Mines, 9

The transparency of the building reflects its function – open space with a lot of offices and laboratories.

12. Bracco Suisse

Route de la Galaise 31, Plan-les-Ouates

13. Immeuble amandolier (2002)

Route de Chêne, 30

14. Haute école d’art et de design (2017)

Avenue de Châtelaine, 7

15. Musée d’éthnographie (2010)

Boulevard Carl-Vogt, 65

A new building of the ethnographic museum.

16. Restauration de la Maison Clarté (2006)

Rue de la Terrassière, 6

Rethinking the building from the 1930s with new technologies.

17. Japan Tobacco International (2010)

18. Maison de la Paix

Chemin Eugène-Rigot, 2

19. Société Privée de Gérance

Route de Chêne, 36

20. Volière (2007)

Bois de la Bâtie

This aviary is located in a small zoo. It tries to fit in the environment and also stays functional.