Dijon is a small French town in Burgundy. Nevertheless its size the city has a lot of sightseeing which makes it a good option for a one-day trip.

There are many houses in timber framing style from XII (time when Dijon has been founded) and from XV century.

Notre-Dame cathedral was built in the beginning of XIII century in gothic style.

Just as many other medieval cathedrals this one has a lot of strange creatures on the walls.

Dijon has a lot of buildings in different styles from different time periods.

Saint-Michel church was built in XVI century in transition from gothic to renessaince style.

Just as in every french town, in Dijjon you can easily find flea markets that create a unique french athmosphere.

Another one gothic cathedral built in XIII century – Saint-Bénigne cathedral.

During one-day trip you will be able to visit all cathedrals and main churches, look at beautiful timber-style houses and wander in the narrow streets. It doesn’t happen very often in such small towns but it feels like you could stay longer here just because it’s very pleasant to be in Dijon.

Dijon is certainly recommended to everyone who likes a unique french athmosphere and coziness of a small town.

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