Lokken, Demark

upd 30 January 2024

Lokken is a small town on the Northwest Coast of Denmark with some of the best beaches in the country. It’s a very popular tourist destination, especially in summer.


The town itself is small, but has everything a tourist might need: cafes, restaurants and small shops. The town is surrounded by grass dunes and amazing beaches.

At first, Lokken was just a small fishing village. Lokken was founded as a trading place between Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Later it became a fishing city as it is a rare danish place where fish is still landing on the beach. You can still buy here fresh fish annd find local producers on a market day.


The wide beach has famous white-painted huts that were built when Lokken had become a popular holiday destination. If you look through the windows you can see that the huts are usually decorated inside in a marine theme.

The beach in Lokken is one of the best in Denmark because of the wide coastline, white sand and beautiful dunes.

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The Rubjerg Knude lighthouse is the main tourist attraction and you should definitely visit it. This lighthouse is over a hundred years old; first it ran on gas, then on gasoline and now on electricity. When the lighthouse was built on a cliff there were no dunes around it – they appeared later when the sea coastline changed. The wind raised the sand of the dunes high, which prevented ships from seeing the lighthouse, which is why it was closed in 1968. Since then it’s a museum.

How to get to Lokken

You can get to Lokken from Aalborg – the journey will take less than an hour. Nearby is another beautiful beach and the town of Skagen. To the north is the port of Hirsthals, from where the ferry departs to Kristiansand. The ferry takes 4 hours. The closet airport is in Aalborg. You can also search for a bus called Nordjyllands Trafikselskab.

Where to stay

There are quite a lot of hotels and apartments in Lokken. I recommend Hotel Lokken Strand and Landal Grønhøj Strand