Best things to do in Kotor

upd 9 April 2024

Kotor is a small city in the bay of the Bay of Kotor on the Adriatic Sea. This is a perfect place to enjoy the coast, mountains and medieval architecture. Most of the attractions can be easily seen on a one-day trip, but it is better to come to this city for a longer period – there are many interesting historical places that have been preserved since the Middle Ages, as well as stunning mountain landscapes.

Kotor is a wonderful city that you can visit while passing through or stay here for a few days. Beautiful nature, a historically preserved center, views of the mountains and the sea make it the pearl of Montenegro.

Best Attractions

Old Town

The old part of Kotor is located behind the fortress wall of the 9th century. As well as the wall, the gates have been preserved: the Sea Gate (from the embankment side, the main entrance), the Gurdich Gate and the River Gate. In some places you can climb the wall to small observation platforms, for example, to the Gurdich Bastion.

The ancient quarters seem not to change much for several centuries. Kotor has been preserved better than other cities in the region. It is interesting how the influence of the Byzantine Empire and Venice can be traced in the architecture. The houses are still in good condition, local residents live in them, and due to the narrow streets, the windows of such houses face directly onto each other.

St. Tryphon Cathedral

Saint Tryphon’s Cathedral was built in 12th century and now is a symbol of Kotor. The Romanesque style was rebuilt after several eartquakes, and the Baroque and Gothic elements have been added.

Church of St. Nikola

The largest cathedral in the city was built in pseudo-Byzantine style. Located on Graetz Square.

Church of St. Luke

An ancient Catholic church of the 12th century in an unusual Byzantine-Romanesque style, survived all the earthquakes. The uniqueness of the church lies in the fact that its floor consists of tombstones – once upon a time, when the cemetery was moved, the graves of the townspeople were placed here.

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Pima Palace

Buildings from the Renaissance period have also been preserved, in particular the Pima Palace. The palace belonged to a famous local family, which owned it for four centuries. From an architectural point of view, the expressive arches and terraces are remarkable.

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Beskuca’s Palace

Another architectural monument is hidden on a narrow street; it can be recognized by the beautiful Gothic bas-relief on the facade. It was created in the Gothic style and only then was transferred to the current building, built only in the 18th century.

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Castle Of San Giovanni

The Kotor Fortress, built back in the Byzantine era, is located on a mountain, and it is from here that the best view of the bay opens. There are two ways to get up to it: paid from the historical center andfree. The point where you can climb for free is marked on the map, it is located to the left of the fortress. You will have to walk along a pebble zigzag road, and keep in mind that climbing the mountain requires significant physical exertion, especially on a hot day. However, fatigue is quickly compensated by the views that open along the way and from the final point at the fortress. Also on the way you will see the ancient Church of St. George.

The toll road to the top starts from the center, you will have to climb the steps – there will be about 1400 of them. There is no particular difference in how to climb, except for the price, so this is a good way to save money. Moreover, you can go down that road for free.

An even more impressive view of the bay is located in Lovcen Park, but you can only get there by car or with a special tour.


Along the embankment there is a city market with fresh farm products. It caters to both tourists and locals, and you can really find quality products at low prices here.


Kotor’s only beach is made of pebbles and can be found by walking along the promenade north of the center. There are many boats and yachts here, and you can order a walk around the bay on them, visiting caves and neighboring cities, for example, Perast.

No one usually swims in the city, since it is primarily a cruise port, and there are no special places for swimming here. For a beach holiday, tourists and locals go to islands where there are beaches and clean water.

Places Nearby


Dobrota is located a thirty minute walk from the center. This is an even quieter place with panoramic views of the bay. For a relaxing holiday, you can book accommodation here, however, there are much fewer cafes here.

You can get there along the embankment; along the way there are beautiful mansions.


Lovcen National Park is nearby, but can only be reached by car or tour. The park includes high mountains that offer stunning views of the bay.

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How to get there

Kotor is easily accessible by car from Budva (20 km) or Tivat (15 km). When planning your route, keep in mind that there are always large traffic jams at the entrance. There is also a well-developed bus service in Montenegro: a ticket to Tivat and Tivat Airport will cost 5 euros, and from the bus station you can easily reach all Montenegrin cities.

The most popular and convenient way to travel around Montenegro is to rent a car. The compactness of the country will allow you to see all the most beautiful cities and natural attractions. Of course, it is better to choose a car in advance, because on the spot it can be difficult to figure out which option is more suitable. The best service is EconomyBookings.

Many continue their journey from Kotor to other Balkan countries. Not far from Montenegro are Croatia and Albania. Croatian towns close to the border are very similar Montenegro, so if you want something unusual, you should choose Tirana, the capital of Albania. This city is not like other capitals; its difficult history has left its mark on its modern appearance. At the same time, it is developing and there is great tourism potential in it. Getting there will take about 6 hours along a mountain road, so this option is unlikely to be suitable for a one-day trip.


Montenegro is a country of cats, and there are especially many of them in Kotor. They meet in a variety of places: sitting on the edge of a cliff, running between tables in a cafe and watching tourists.


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