Former and restituted churches of Saint-Petersburg

upd 22 January 2024

In this post, you will see a lot of examples of church reconstruction, restitution, and usage of a former church building for a different purpose. Most churches have been closed in 1920-s, 1930-s during the anti-church campaign, a lot of churches were destroyed (you can see them in this post). In recent years a lot of churches have been restituted even though its buildings had been used for other purposes. Some of them don’t look like typical church anymore but religious services take place there now. And some look like a church but it is something else now.

1. Church of Our Lady Day – Central State archive of technological documents

5-th Sovetskaya st., 33

The church was built in 1893 and closed in 1933. It was rebuilt after that. Since then there has been a state archive there. In 2016 the church was restituted.

2. Transfiguration Church – Leningrad State Electrotechnical Institute

Instrumentalnaya., 2А

The church was built in 1845 under the project of Konstantin Thon. In 1931 the church was reconstructed in a laboratory of an electrotechnical institute. In 2006 the church was restituted.

3. Church of the Icon of Spas Nerukotvornyi in Volkovskoe cemetery – “Monumentskulptura”

Rastannyi proezd, 1

A wooden church was built at the same time the Volkovskoe cemetry was founded. In 1842 it was replaced with a stone church. In 1934 it was decided to demolish the church but eventually, only the domes were destroyed. Later this building was given to “Monumentskulptura” – an enterprise that makes grave monuments. It is still in there now.

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4. Church of Saint John the Baptist – Fitness-club

Lesnoy prospekt., 16

The church was built in 1903 and closed in 1930. After that, a bell-tower and domes disappeared. Nowadays fitness-club is in this building.

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5. German Lutheran church of Saint Anna – Cinema “Spartak”

Kirochnaya st. 8

A Lutheran church was built in 1779 for german Lutherans that have lived in Saint-Petersburg. In 1935 it was closed, pastor and parish of the church were repressed. Cinema “Spartak” had been there for a long time. In 1990-s religious services were resumed but parties had also been there in the night. In 2002 a big fire embraced the building. It has been seriously damaged. The restoration of the church was made mainly on the exterior but you can still see damages of the fire on the inside. Now Saint Anna’s church is restituted.

6. Church of the Annunciation monastery – SPbU department of physical training and sports

Ochakovskaya st., 9

The church was built in 1903 and closed in 1930. After that, a workmen’s club had been there. Now it’s a sports department of the University.

7. Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Babushkina st., 57

This catholic church had been building for ten years and finished in 1917. During the construction, it was decided not to build domes due to the lack of funds. In 1937 it was closed and had been mostly used as a warehouse. In 2003 the church was restituted and now is restored.

8. Church of the Saint Nicholas

Stachek prospekt., 48А

It was a church of a Putilov Plant built in 1906. In 1925 it was closed and rebuilt in constructivism style.

The church was rebuilt again in 1945 in classism style. In 2004 it was restituted.

9. Alexander Nevsky’s church – Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television

Pravdy st., 13

The church was built in 1901 and closed in 1918. Nowadays Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television is in this building.

10. Tikhvinskaja icon’s church – Supermarket

Kartashihina st., 1-3

The church was built in 1906 and closed in 1923. It has been reconstructed in that time. A popular supermarket had been in this building for a long time but now part of the building belongs to a church and the other part – to offices.

11. Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

Krupskoi st., 5Б

The church was built in 1903 and closed in 1929. Its domes and decorations were destroyed. Since then the electric appliance factory has been there. Now the part of the building belongs to a church.

12. Dutch Reformed church

Nevskyi prospekt., 20

Dutch Reformed church was built in 1839 for Dutch people who had lived in Saint-Petersburg. In 1927 it was closed. Nowadays several organisations are located in the building.

13. French Reformed church – Chess club

Bolshaya Konnushennaya st., 25

French reformed church was built in 1772 and reconstructed in 1840-s. Now it is a chess club and also a famous doughnut place.

14. German Reformed church – Сommunity center

Bolshaya Morskaya st., 58

Built in 1865 and closed in 1929 it has been reconstructed and changed completely in 1930-s.

15. St. Alexei’s church – “Izmeritel” factory

Chkalovskyi prospekt., 50

The church was built in 1911 and reconstructed in 1930-s.

16. Old Believer church – Hospital

Transportnyi pereulok., 5

The church was built in 1917 and closed a few years after that. It has been reconstructed into a hospital. But now the church is restituted and restored.

Photo was taken in 2013.

17. Church of Common Faith – Arctics museum

Marata st., 24А

Built in 1838 and closed in 1931 it now belongs to an Arctics museum.

Правая фотография с сайта

18. Holy Mother Icon’s church

Bolshoi prospekt Vasilevsky Ostrov, 100

The church was built in 1898 in Byzantinesque style and closed in 1932. The church’s interior was completely rebuilt for an aerospace chamber and underwater tests. Nowadays the church is restituted yet its interior stays the same.

19. Church of the Blessed Virgin

Zayachiy pereulok., 3

The house was built 1903-1905 as dormitories for women with children. The church of the Blessed Virgin was also in this building. It was constructed without a facade because the street had not been there yet. But now the wall is facing the street so it has been decorated to look like a facade.

You can see a map with all mentioned places below.