Castello di Vezio

upd 12 March 2024

In Varenna, near Lake Como, there is the Castello di Vezio. The castle is famous for its “ghosts” and the best views of the lake. It was built in the 11th century by order of Queen Theodelinda of Lombardy for the purpose of protection and the ability to control the surrounding territory and the lake. Since then only walls and a tower were preserved.

It’s a beautiful place to visit on your trip around lake Como and Varenna with breathtaking views and interesting history.

During the World War I, underground passages were built under the fortress in case the German army attacked from the south.

Inside the castle there are exhibits of knight weapons.

The main feature of the fortress are the “ghost” sculptures that are found on the walls and benches. They are made of plaster and bandages and look very mysterious.

There are also several falcons living in the Castello.

Castello di Vezio is opened from March open from March to November and closed in bad weather. Location: Via Del Castellano, 23828

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