Montmartre cemetery

upd 19 February 2024

Montmartre cemetery was opened in 1825 due to overcrowding in the other cemeteries of Paris. Then this place was chosen because it was outside of city limits. A lot of famous people were buried here, including Berlioz, Stendhal, Degas, Truffaut, and many others. Now Montmartre and the cemetery is a popular tourist destination, a lot of famous people are buried here.


Montmartre cemetery (Cimetière du Nord) was opened after the authorities decided to close all the cemeteries in the city limits. Now it is one of the largest cemeteries in Paris with more than 20,000 graves. This number is still increasing, as it is open for burials.

The chosen location was previously a gypsum quarry. That’s the reason the cemetery is below the street level.

Then a road bridge was built right above the ancient crypts. Now many crosses almost touch the bridge.

Another distinctive feature is the very expressive sculptures and tombstones.

The plan can be found at the entrance, which is located on av. Rachel. The most famous burials will be marked on it. This information will not be superfluous, since it is easy to get lost here on the numerous alleys and paths.

Cemetery plan

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Famous graves

Montmartre has always attracted writers, actors, musicians and other artists. Many of them moved here in the last years of their lives, which is why they were buried in this cemetery. Among them are the writers Stendhal and Zola (they were then reburied in the Pantheon), Alexander Dumas fils, artists Edgar Degas, Gustave Moreau, singer Dalida, scientist A.M. Ampere and many others. The location of known graves can be seen on the plan above.

The grave of Hector Berlioz – French composer of the 19th century.

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For some reason, the cemetery has become a favorite among many cats, who run between the graves or sleep right on them.


Location: 20 Avenue Rachel, 75018, Paris.