Montmartre cemetery

Montmartre cemetery was opened in 1825. A lot of famous people are buried here: Berlioz, Stendhal, Degas, Truffaut, and many others. When the cemetery was opened it was situated outside the city limits but now one of the most popular districts is not far away – Montmartre. It is very strange how part of the cemetery looks now. In XX century right above the tombs, a bridge has been constructed with busy traffic on it.

You can see a lot of beautiful sculptures here.

The cemetery has a big territory so it has its own streets and avenues.

Montmartre cemetery is located below ground level. It is so because this place is a former gypsum pit. So the cemetery is now in kind of a hole.

A tomb of Hector Berlioz.

This place has a very serene atmosphere. You can walk around here for a long time meeting a familiar names on tombs from time to time.

Another signature feature of the cemetery is a big amount of cats here. Apparently people are noticing these fat cats for a long time now. The cats are running around the tombs or just sleep on them.

Due to its atmosphere Montmartre cemetery is much more suitable for a calm walk than more famous Père Lachaise. If you don’t want to visit certain tombs but only to get into a melancholic spirit and take some unusual photos you should definitely visit Montmartre cemetery.

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