10 day trips from Geneva: best destinations

upd 4 April 2024

If you’re staying in Geneva and have a couple of free days, you should go to a 1-2 day trip. Geneva is located on the shores of a beautiful lake, so you can take a boat trip to other cities. It is also very close to many stunning cities in France. And traveling through Switzerland is also very easy due to great roads and fast trains. Here are some of the best options you can choose.


Lausaunne is the second largest city in the french-speaking part of Switzerland and also is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. This is the perfect destination for a short trip because Lausanne has a lot to offer but most of it can be seen in one day. First of all, medieval architecture and Lausanne cathedral, beautiful views, Olympic museum, cozy streets and parcs.

How to get there: The easiest option is to go by train from the central station (Cornavin), the trip takes 40 minutes. A trip by car is 66 km and takes about 1 hour. You can also visit Nyon on your way.


Montreux is such a beautiful and quiete place that many famous people lived here and were inspired by the views: Freddie Mercury, Deep Purple, Charlie Chaplin, Vladimir Nabokov, Igor Stravinsky. You can visit Queen’s studio, casino, or take a boat trip. If you are lucky you can attend one of the big events: Jazz Festival, Flower Festival or Christmas market.

How to get there: It’s easy to visit Montreux by train. It would take an hour. It’s a bit slower if you go by car (1,5h), but you could also visit the Chillion castle.

Travel guide to Montreux.


Bern is one of the oldest Swiss cities with medieval buildings and a beautiful Gothic cathedral. It’s nice to walk in the Old Town, visit museums, enjoy the views or go to the Bear park where you can see bears – the symbol of Bern.

How to get there: Trains to Bern depart every hour, the trip takes 2 hours. If you go by car it would also take 2 hours and 160 km.


Annecy, France is often calles an Alpine Venice. The city is truly magical: cozy narrow streets, 12th century towers, castles and churches, gardens and lake Annecy. But everything can be seen in one day, also the city tour is recommended to discover the rich history of Annecy.

How to get there: By car – 40 km and 48 minutes + some time at the border (usually it’s very quick). It’s very easy to go there by Flixbus, you just need to buy the tickets in advance. The trip would take an hour.


Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a small town in the valley of Mont Blanc Mountain. It’s best known as a ski resort, but it’s really an all-year vacation place with many activities: hiking, bike-riding or simply relaxing in one of the cabins. You can go in the mountains in the cable car and enjoy breathtaking views of Mont Blanc. And all that just an hour away from Geneva.

How to get there: By bus: from Geneva bus station (55 minutes) or by car (1 hour + the border), the route includes tolls.


Évian is a great place to visit during a roundtrip across Lake Geneva from Lausanne, Montreux or Geneva. Évian-les-Bains is a resort city at the foot of the mountains and best known for the famous water.

How to get there: By car or by train – 1,5h.


Dijon, France is located a little bit further, so you might need to consider to stay the night. The capital of Burgundy has many interesting attractions, unique architecture and streets that seem to have not changed since Middle Age. Unlike many small towns, Dijon is full of life with a lot of cafes, shops and museums.

How to get there: You can go by car, it takes 3 hours, take the road that avoids Jura mountains. Or you can choose Flixbus (also 3h).

Things you need to do in Dijon.


Lyon definitely can’t all be seen in 1 day as it’s the second largest city in France. The rich history, beautiful cathedrals, viewpoints, parcs, architecture… Lyon has a lot to offer and is one of the most interesting destinations from Geneva.

How to get there: You can travel to Lyon by train, by Flixbus or by car. The distance is 150 km and would take 2-2,5 hours. The bus is probably the easiest option.

A guide to Lyon.


The vineyards of Lavaux are located between Lausanne and Vevey and can be visited by car or with a tour. The place has stunning views of Lake Geneva and will interest those who book a wine tasting tour.

How to get there: It’s easier to go with an organized tour. By car the road would take about 1 hour, you can combine this trip with Vevey and Montreux or Lausanne.


Lauterbrunnen is a small village at the foot of the mountains. It’s known as one of the best Swiss valleys. Here you can go hiking, look at the highest Swiss free-falling waterfall, use a cable car or buy some farmer’s products. Lauterbrunnen is connected by mountain roads to Mürren, Isenfluh, and Wengen. So you can stop by for a couple hours or spend the whole day here.

How to get there: Lauterbrunnen is also accesible during the tour or if you have/rent a car. It’s quite far (226 km, 3 hours), but the trip can be combined with Bern.